Jun 22, 2010

adventures in yoghurt-making

got me this yoghurt maker off of ebay - for very little money so i can find out, if i am really into this yoghurt business. made a batch with 1l milk, 1 Tblespoon yoghurt and 1 Tblespoon milk powder, all organic.
tomorrow the results will be in!
and isn´t Morphy Richards a very cool brand name? i understand that it is a british company - never heard of them before, but i think it sounds quite funny (sorry, english readers!! please make fun all you want of funny german company names!! oh, and let me know if you know a really funny one. Gütermann (which some people pronounce "gutterman" i believe :-)? Bauknecht? Zwilling? the list is probably endless..)

and another fabric came in:

stash lecien

i just love lecien fabrics! they are so very soft, the colors are awesome and this antique flower print is just so pretty.
no idea what to use it for yet, but whatever it is, it certainly will look so sweet :-)


  1. Wow that fabric is so pretty, I want some!! What are you going to do with it?
    I agree there are plenty of funny German names, what I like to giggle at is some of the names of towns in Germany which when translated into English are really strange names - eg. Stelle, Maschen. Also there was a teacher at my school called Herr Kasten. We called him Mr Box....

  2. thanks Danielle! i don´t know yet what to do with those sweet little flowers.. i will probably cut into it at first just a tiny bit just to use it but not waste it too much.
    i like the "Herr Kasten" :-)


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