Jun 10, 2010

kei honeycombs plus cats

so here´s my precious kei honeycomb stash - the grey and the black ones are from lovely superbuzzys shop where i got them for my generous gift certificate i won over at Penny from sewtakeahike.

thank you both again so very much, i love them!!

i thought about what to get from the prize quite a while, and superbuzzy has such a wide range of wonderful (colorful!) japanese fabrics that it was quite a task. I will just say "Echino"..

however, i went for those two rather simple designs because i have sooo much colorful stash already and almost nothing to tone it down a bit. so grey and black and white will come in handy i hope and i got enough not to hyperventilate over every cut i´ll make into those beauties :-)
which was important to me, too. i hate too small pieces of wonderful fabric - it is just too bad it won´t grow back after cutting into it..

so i am very happy about my first winning in a giveaway ever!

i am also very happy about these panels my sister stiched for me:


and one piece more detailed:


lovely, isn´t it?? i don´t know yet what i will do with them but i really admire them!
Thank you, C!!


  1. I loved the stitched kitties! They are so pretty.

  2. Lovely Cats! I got my wonderful prize today! Thank you so much it is beautiful. I posted pics on my blog today and a link to your site. Thanks again it is wonderful.


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