Jun 26, 2010

more food - and even flowers..

my second batch of yoghurt turned out to be the right one: tasty, creamy and sooo good with some homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam!

But wait, there´s more food:
this morning i made this whole wheat bread - great recipe!

wheat sandwich loaf

It´s like those soft yet wheaty-ish sandwich-style breads, the crust is soft, the inner part (??) so fluffy it´s to die for.

the bread is really easy to make if you are not afraid of yeast, and there´s no reason to be. so please go and try this people, when it comes to bread i can´t believe we all don´t make them way more often.

just look at this - i am getting hungry again already..

wheat sandwich

and while i am working on a test-apron i really don´t want to show right now, here are two "summer really came" impressions from my little outdoors
summer coming

and this one is for my friend Anke who gave me those pretty lillies a long time ago (maybe 11 years??). they survived that many winters and 5 moves and bloom every year - just awesome!

have a great weekend!!


  1. Mh, Dein Balkon läd aber auch zum Sitzen ein... Du hast ja einen schönen Ausblick!

  2. Der Jogurt sieht super lecker aus und schön ist auch das Ktzengruppenbild.

  3. I love baking bread! Thanks for sharing the recipe; I can't wait to try it! Your lilies are lovely!

  4. Selbstgemachtes Joghurt mit selbstgemachter Marmelade, selbstgebackenes Brot - für mich eine schöne Kindheitserinnerung!


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