Jun 5, 2010

long weekend part 1

finally a post - i did lots of things this long weekend (still do) but not that much sewing. but finally another oilcloth pouch for my shop - i just found out that the danish oilcloth from the outside totally matches the lining fabric - well, kind of mirrored.
yesterday i drove out to the countryside to pick up this:

score! that was kind of a steal for an usm container.. i love it!
before heading out i made this:

rhubarb syrup. funny color, isn´t it? it tastes very good with some sparkling water. next i will try it as sauce with a pudding (can´t remember the american word for it right now), that´s how we ate it as kids at my grandma´s. Although i think it was raspberrry syrup. have to try that, too..

the day before i packed up several books to give to a library. they got picked up already so there´s a little more space in my apartment, thank goodness.

and on Thursday i finally sent out my fabrics to my fellow Euro Bee seamstresses. All that cutting, packing and writing took some time.. But now they are all on their way to England, Danmark, Portugal and Germany and i am excited for the finished blocks i will get.

to reward me for all this work i just baked a pound cake - and now i will have some for breakfast :-)
enjoy your weekend!



  1. Hallo Claudia,
    einfach perfekt dein WoE-Post, genauso, wie ich es mag...jedenfalls fast,denn obwohl ich durchaus des Englischen mächtig bin, les ich einfach lieber in der Muttersprache ;-) Aber sei's drum: Rhabarber-Sirup ist auch der Geschmack meiner Kindheit, schmeckt übrigens auch mit Prosecco als Aperitif genossen köstlich. Ach, und für deine Bücherkiste hätt' ich glatt nach München pilgern können, das ist nämlich meine 2. Sucht *LOL*
    GlG, Martina

  2. the rhubarb syrop looks lovely..... do you have a recipe for that?? can be in german.....

    the pound cake....makes me want to come over...with a coffee!!


  3. so viel Farbe - jetzt sogar bunte Möbel. Was das Nähen so mit dir anstellt ;-). Bin schon gespannt zu sehen, was du für deine BEE-Blöcke rausgesucht hast! Liebe Grüße aus Berlin!

  4. yum, sandkuchen. oh how I have missed you. Hi, I am Peggyann and I lived for 3 weeks in Munchen (Grosshadern) many many years ago.

    I am enjoying your blog and all of your sewy projects.


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