Jun 17, 2010

triangle baby quilt top (and christmas...again!)

finally finished the little baby quilt top. it´s about 1,05m² or 41". i have no idea for a suitable backing yet, but the binding will be red polka dots i think.

and look what the postman brought today:

christmas fabric

i don´t know what´s wrong with me but i have this craving for christmas fabric in june/july.. hm, strange.

anyway, love this new line by Michael Miller, who did it again (the company, not the guy - who isn´t a guy anyway as far as i know but a man and woman team who own the company), anyway, very sweet fabric for my favorite season again.
i am thinking of combining those 1/2 yard pieces with some matching Kona solids in green and red. pillows/cushions maybe?? a stocking most definetly. and maybe some napkins.
thank god there´s still some time :-)

1 comment:

  1. Ich habe mir letztes Jahr auch im Juli Weihnachtsstoffe gekauft. Allerdings lagen die dann bis nach Weihnachten noch da. So langsam sollte ich mal etwas damit machen :)
    Süßer Quilt übrigens, da juckt es mir in den Fingern auch einen zu machen...
    Liebe Grüße,


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