Jul 25, 2010

baby quilt triangles and flags

i finally finished an ufo:
a baby quilt made with Robert Kaufmans Essex in putty plus triangles in red/white/blue. The big triangles in the center are paper-pieced, the rest are half square triangles.
the quilt is about 1meter square or 40"

i quilted in straight lines and this turned out very nice with cotton-linen blend of the Essex

triangle babyquilt detail

the backing is made of the oh-so-beautiful Retro Rocket Rascals by Michael Miller, a true classic. i had quite some amount of this in my stash, so luckily i still have some left but i am happy to have made a little dent in my stash. anyone else out there with the strange problem of seriously wanting to get rid of stuff/fabric but not wanting to let it ALL go??

triangle babyquilt back

and another picture, taken with a flash unlike the first one. the color of the Essex actually is quite a mixture of both pictures: it is not as grey as it seems at the top of this post (that is the color putty as i would imagine it), nor as beige as on this last picture.
anyway: i really like working with Essex plus some bright colored quilting weight fabrics. the texture after washing and drying is just great.
however: the quilts do get a bit heavier because the cotton-linen blends adds quite some weight, so i try to use very light wool or cotton battings.

triangle babyquilt front


  1. Hier! Hier! Ich hab den gleichen Tick! Wobei das bei mir vermutlich eher damit zusammenhängt, dass ich dringend Stoffe "verbrauchen" muss, weil sonst kein Platz für neue ist :)
    Um mein schlechtes Gewissen zu beruhigen mache ich dann kleine Täschchen, so dass sowohl ein bißchen Stoff "weg" ist als auch ganz viel noch da ist. Man weiß ja nie, wann man auf ein Projekt trifft, wo man genau den Stoff braucht :)
    Schönen Sonntag noch!
    Liebe Grüße,

  2. This is a very nice quilt. I really like the natural color of this cotton linen mix, and the red/white/blue combination fits really well.

    I also have the same problem as you, I want to reduce my stash and make something nice, but there are just some fabrics I really want to keep forever.

  3. This quilt is lovely. Can you tell me the designer of the red and white flower material? Thanks!

  4. thanks!!
    Johanna - ja, genaus so ist das :-)
    Kornelia - i find it even hard to fully use not so pretty fabrics.. there may be another project just around the corner where i would need the exact fabric!!
    Katie - the flower fabric is a no-name brand i bought at, but it isn´t available right now. it is called "Bini", but even Moda fabrics get different names there.

  5. Der ist j awirklich allerliebst! Total schöne Farbkombination.

  6. boah, was für eine Arbeit und so detaliert .. wirklich toll.

    LG Ivonn

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