Jul 14, 2010

stash american retro

right now i don´t buy too much fabric (bc i do have kind of a stash..) but i could not let this one go: Windhams American Retro 1945 fabric - yummy, isn´t it? and on sale, too :-)
i already ordered more of those lovely dots which can be combined with lots of other designs.
not sure what to make from it though - i hope this is not one of those lines which i love to look at but can´t actually put to use in my home because the style is so different from everything else i own.
do you have beloved fabric like that, too??
and another yummy-to-be thing: part of my mini-cucumber plantings. i hope they will turn out just fine.


  1. Die Stoffe sind echt schön und sommerlich frisch. Ich glaube, neben Deinen Gurken habe ich eine Ameise gesehen (kleiner Scherz). Ich hoffe, Du überstehst den Tag gut. Grüße aus dem jetzt schon sehr warmen Hamburg.

  2. I love these!!! I used some of these in my fruity fimstrip quilt... LOVE THEM!!


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