Aug 7, 2010

circle of wonky stars - block

another block for my sea quilt: a circle of wonky stars, which are very small and therefor kind of hard to make.

the whole block is just about 10 1/2", the center of the stars are 1" sewn.
you can easily see some of the white thread i used which indicates my - well - "power-ironing" to get everything in place.. :-)

anyway, i like the design of the block very much! the tutorial can be found here at Zonnahs blog, she did a great job listing all those measurements of the thousand pieces and her own block, using a nice polka dot fabric as background, really looks amazing!

i think i will do this one again, next time probably a bit bigger, then it shouldn´t be a too hard to make block, just a lot of cutting and keeping track of where to put/sew the right piece.
oh, but i have to work on the concept of the wonky points of the stars! right now i have no idea what i did to make them too tiny or just right.. very strange..


  1. It turned out beautiful! I LOVE it :-)

  2. That is gorgeous. It looks great in those colors.

  3. Oh, rate mal, was ich mir für nächsten Monat in der Bee ausgedacht habe? ;) Sterne über Sterne! Dankeschön für das Verlinken vom Tutorial, das passt ganz wunderbar.
    Liebe Grüße,


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