Aug 14, 2010

dotty - pieced curves block

a little saturday early morning sewing:
a circle block with pieced curves (or curved piecing?? i don´t even know how to call this..)

anyway, found a great tutorial here, thanks!

it is hard to make really round circles, i can tell you. if you´ve cut it out all right there´s still the little task of sewing a circle which is not one of my favorite techniques - or talents for that matter. but then again: i am always amazed what a great job an iron can do to wipe out some crooked lines, thank you very much.

i even have an idea yet what to do with the block :-) .. i´ll keep you posted.

to build it i used some Kona cotton in Jungle plus some precious Heather Ross fabric from the Far, Far Away line.

have a great weekend!

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  1. Bügeln ist Magie :)
    Ist richtig schön geworden, Dein Kreis. Ich selber trau mich da nicht ran, bei Kreisen bleibe ich bei Applikationen, die sind dann auch immer rund und ich muss mir nicht so viele Gedanken drum machen. Einfach ausschneiden, rundbügeln und aufsteppen :)Aber veilleicht sollte ich mal was anderes machen...


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