Aug 16, 2010

stash reds

this is my stash of reds. well, most of it anyway. ok, ok, so i do have some more yards, but folded differently and stacked in a different place, so they hardly count..

anyway, where was i: not that much, isn´t it? at least for such a popular and important color.
so it was time to take some action. not very serious action mind you because i try to keep an eye on my pennies at the moment.

however, i looked for good offers and found this:

stash sis boom basics

some half yards of the Sis Boom Basic line by the wonderful Jennifer Paganelli,

and this

stash sketchbook

yardage of the Sketchbook line by P&B Textiles.
Love them all!

You can find them at Etsy right at the fabricbee, a shop i really really like. Lynette sent them out really fast and at a very good price. Thanks Lynette, you made my day!


  1. oh! So viel schönes Rot! Eigentlich wollte ich schon in der Block-Zeit einen Rot-weißen Quilt nähen....


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