Aug 31, 2010

when all else fails, go to improv

after not getting the size of Monas spiderweb block right i had to do something i couldn´t do wrong: so i turned to improv!
it really is very relaxing to just put together pieces of fabric following your own instincts and wants. (although i have to admit sometimes stuff like that won´t turn out at all and then you wish for a plan or pattern :-)

once again i used the putty Essex linen-cotton blend for background and some sweet blue and red fabrics from my stash.
the little bells right in the middle where once supposed to be part of a pinwheel or kaleidoscope (is there a difference??), made with paper-piecing because i did not want to spend money on a ruler. however that piecing annoyed me so much that i gave in after just two parts - hence the bells :-) -
and now i am soo gonna buy that expensive kaleidoskope ruler.

this block is going to be a mini or doll quilt i think, but let´s just wait for my next mishap at measuring stuff, maybe i´ll go to improv once again..


  1. He! Nicht ärgern, so wie ich es verstanden habe ist er doch fast richtig geworden - und dein Spider Block sieht sooo schön aus!

  2. Hi Claudia - Have already commented on Flickr but had to come and have another look - love the fabric choices, and I have got to get myself some of the essex linen - I don't know why I have been putting it off for so long! Where did you get yours? Danielle x


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