Sep 11, 2010

tutorial - jona´s star for the bee germany sep 2010

my block for the Bee Germany September: Johanna wanted merely straight stars and sent lovely Tanya Whelan "Dolce" fabric. i came up with this combo of a 8" and three 4" stars. the whole block is 12,5" big, the little squares are 1" sewn.

here is a little how to, not too long because the block is quite easy to make, it´s just a lot of cutting and piecing of tiny pieces.
for a little star you´ll need:

jona star1

1 x 2,5" square centerpiece (pattern)
4 x 2" squares (pattern)
4 x 2" squares background fabric (solid)
4 x 1,5" squares background fabric (solid)

now you need to make some of the infamous Half Square Triangles (hst) - very easy!
take one 2" square of the pattern fabric, right side up, and put a 2" square of the backgroundfabric on top of it, right side down.
then draw a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite. just use a ballpen or whatever, nobody will see this later on. i like using Kulis for this :-)

jona star2

pin it if you want, then sew NEXT to the line on both sides, 1/4" seam allowance. don´t sew on the line, because this is where you´ll now cut the whole thing (after sewing both lines).
repeat for all 4 square sandwiches, after cutting you should have now 8 hst. iron them open and cut back to 1,5", like this:

jona star3

voila, that´s it, now you have your centerpiece and 12 x 1,5" squares (8 hst and 4 solids) and can put together your block.

bee germany jona sep 2010 detail

the big star is made from this:

1 x 4,5" centerpiece (the little star we just made or any fabric of that size)
4 x 3" squares (pattern)
4 x 3" squares background (solid)
4 x 2,5" squares background (solid)

use the 3" squares like described above to make half square triangles, cut them back to 2,5" and piece your star.

to make the block i made you´ll need 1 big and 3 small stars plus 2 x 4,5" square pieces of the background fabric / solid.

i really, really enjoyed designing and sewing this!
and it probably will look great with a whole circle of little stars around the big one.. i am going to try that, hope you will, too!!

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