Sep 4, 2010

grey bag

this week i made a reversible bag, following the great tutorial from verypurpleperson, which can be found here.

the only thing that did not turn out right for me: it is surprisingly small! when modeled on the designer Novita it looks like a nice, big shopper. when i put it over my shoulder it looks really funny, like a handbag in the wrong place.
what i did not take into account: Novita is a very pretty, petite person - and i am very tall and possibly twice as big as her :-)

so i enlarged the pattern already and will certainly try it again to make a bag which fits me!

the grey roses fabric is some mid weight cotton my sister gave me, the dots are from one of the booth of the Hollaendischer Stoffmarkt, a great background fabric!

btw: does everybody in our area here know that the Hollaendischer Stoffmarkt is finally coming to Munich, too? Sunday, 17th Oct at Freising, near the airport. it will be probably as crowded as the events in Hamburg, Münster, Fürth or Hannover but you can find some quite nice fabrics for not that much money. they usually have one or two booth with designer quilting fabrics but mostly the cheap stuff. so save the date.

grey bag detail

and finally, on a totally different subject: katzenwaesche! can you tell where Nikke just licked??

have a great weekend!!


  1. Oh Claudia, danke! Ich habe nicht gewusst, dass der Stoffmarkt es endlich auch mal zu uns schafft und schon vor Ewigkeiten aufgegeben, jedes Jahr auf deren Webseite zu schauen und nur wieder enttäuscht zu werden. Und der Flughafen ist ja nun wirklich zentral.
    Jetzt bin ich ganz aufgeregt, ich freu mich ja so!

  2. Oh was sieht der arme kleine Nikke dünn aus. Kriegt der denn nix zu fressen? Schöne Tasche, schöne Stoffe, schöne Grüsse aus HH!


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