Sep 13, 2010

hiking in bavaria

snapshots of a hiking-tour to mountains Zwiesel and Blomberg, near Bad Toelz, about an hour from Munich. the tour was quite exhausting: really steep slopes up and down, quite some mud ponds, cows-dogs-children, getting lost 5 minutes after we started and no walking sticks.
however, it was a beautiful and exciting day!


i am not sure i ever saw a real one before
love the squirrel
bavarian food: Obazda. yummy. and those pretzelsticks.. didn´t see those as food decoration for about 20 years. still charming though :-)obazda-plate
we were supposed to cross this river (ok, brook) without a bridge. what ARE they doing with all my tax-Euros?? i finally managed without falling into it.way without bridge
scenery: my fotographing skills are not very good, the view was amazingzwiesel8
now if you´ll excuse me, i have to lay down again to cure my sore muscels

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