Sep 21, 2010

homemade vanilla-extract

ok, another post without any sewing info, i am sorry but i get easily distracted..
this time by a post at one of my favorite personal finance blogs, the simple dollar: Brent there wrote about making homemade vanilla-extract and got my attention right away.

i use quite a bit of vanilla extract for all my baking and jam-making sprees and i am almost out of my tiny little yet quite expencive imported extract.
so i checked out the recipe site he recommended which can be found here and then searched the web for reasonably priced vanilla beans because i wasn´t going to buy the supermarketstuff for about 2-3€ per bean.
i found a little company called Madavanilla where i bought 100gr or 31 (!!!) beans for just 8,50€ plus a very small amount for postage so this was a really good deal. they delivered after 24 hours which is great, too (so keep this in mind for your christmas cookies). got me some nutmeg, too, again: a great deal (5 nuts for 2 Euros).

vanilleschoten + muskatnüsse

the only other ingredient i needed was some Vodka because extracts are made of alcohol which - well, extract :-) the aroma from the beans in this case.
i don´t drink stuff like that so i have no idea if the brand i chose is ok but it was midprice and with 500ml just the right size. (oh, and it was the brand i brought back from the USSR once so i figure it should be alright..)
after scraping the seeds from ca. 70gr Vanilla beans, cutting the empty beans up and throwing everything into the bottle i now have to shake the bottle occasionally and wait for 6 month till the extract is ready to be filtered and then used. well, actually it can be used even earlier after a few weeks but then with the little black seeds still in it.
as a regular cookie-dough asks for about 1 - 1,5 teaspoons of vanilla extract i don´t think the alcohol will actually do any harm - and the bought stuff is made with 34% alcohol, too.

oh, and for the money saving part: while the imported extract was 6,90€ for 60ml (= 34,50€ per 1/2l), the homemade stuff will be 18,70€ for half a litre. so it is a very good deal, too.

i am so excited if this will turn out fine!

next time: keeping chicken on my balcony.

just kidding.
or am i...

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