Sep 16, 2010

morning glory quilt - cuts

a new quilt for my bedroom, the colors red, orange and yellow fit just perfectly.
it will replace my "old" bedroom quilt which i made last year in June and which is my first quilt ever. although i really like it: the colors are just ok, not great and i quilted it really poorly..

so now it´s time for something new.

i cut 221 pieces, each 5" square, from some of my favorite fabrics.

my dearest yellow fabric: the Denyse Schmidt bows! a great yellow..

another dear fabric: the one in the top row, on the left: this is cut from a vintage bedsheet i bought online (in Finland? or England? can´t remember) because we had the exact same sheets at home when we were little, but i didn´t keep them. funny that it obiviously is an european design..
oh, and another thing i see looking at this picture: the dark red pieces in the first row on the right, some Valori Wells Sole fabric, will have to go - it´s too dark in that mixture.

tomorrow: piecing. looking forward to it!


  1. Da hast Du Dir ja etwas Großes vorgenommen! Eine tolle Farbkombi und wunderschöne Stöffchen. Ich sege einige meiner favorites. Viel Spaß beim Nähen! Lieben Gruß!

  2. Sehr schöne Farben! Ich sehe, Gelb und ORange sind voll im Trend :)


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