Sep 5, 2010

spiderweb quilt - start

after i made my testblock for Mona for the Bee Germany i decided to make some more. And now i think i am going to make a whole quilt of it!
so Mona inspired even another member of the Bee - Sternwerfer is going for a spiderweb quilt already :-)
With my testblock for the Euro Bee last year i already made a pillow but this will be a lot more work.
Except for the centers/stars (Kona Cotton in Ash) the pieces are made of scraps till now but i won´t hesitate to cut into my stash for this :-)
however, this should be a good way to get rid of all those little stripes in my scrap bags..
i chose reds and blues because i am still very fond of that combo and most of my scraps are red. and, still, i don´t like my quilts too colorful - but am not afraid of using lots different patterns/designs.
so let´s see if this will be a big one or just a babyquilt.


  1. Das nenn ich mal angefixt, da hat es uns gescheit erwischt, oder?! Deine Blöcke schauen klasse aus und Deine Farbvorliebe setzt sich einmal mehr durch. Da kann man gespannt sein wie wir enden, Baby oder groß. Viel Spaß und einen schönen Sonntagabend!

  2. Allerdings, angefixt :-)
    Ich behalte Deine Fortschritte im Auge...
    lg von claudia


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