Oct 24, 2010

catching up on the bees

first the bigger challenge: drunkard path blocks for Floh.
We used a tutorial from The Sometimes Crafter (again Christina - hopefully she does not think i am a blog-stalker.. her tutorials and work in general is just amazing, please check it out if you haven´t already!!) and while some of our group The Bee Germany sewed this block without using any pins (amazing!! how in god´s name??) i needed about 50 per quarter piece..
so i learned: sewing curves is not impossible at all, in fact the results are very ok.

however, i did not like the process too much.
but then i really like circles.
dilemma here we go.. feels like i am not done with circles! :-)

the second block is for Tacha (but you can call her Hanies, too) for The Euro Bee:
euro bee tacha sep 2010

seems like i did it with my new purchases but actually the fabric Tacha sent gave me the last little kick to get some tufted tweets myself..

Her block involved a lot of precise cutting and sewing which i managed ok but not great: i have no idea where those missing eighths (plural! so i guess i just could call them quarters.. ahem) of an inch went when you have your block done and ready..
but i really do enjoy sewing these kind of blocks with lots of little square pieces and some rather unpredictable geese - since i have my 1/4" foot the sewing-result is much better than before.
It is the cutting which seems to be a problem for me..
Anyway: this was our last block for the Euro Bee and i am sad to see it go! Lots of extremly talented and fun people (Hanies, i am a ginger monkey, rosa e chocolate, flossyblossy, comfortstiching, bellsjo, von kleinen dingen, monaw, ningiu, sodeste, ritacor, Saidos da Concha) participated and i learned a lot of new blocks and techniques in that year - plus met some great folks online!

So a big thanks to Tacha for organizing this Bee, i am so glad we are still working together in The Bee Germany!!!


  1. Oh man, ich bin so froh, das Du für mich nähst! Die Kreise sind so schön geworden mit Deinem Stoff!

  2. Hallo Claudia,
    perfekte Kreise, und die sind wirklich nicht einfach zu nähen! Mein Favorit ist der Block mit den Stühlen,einfach klasse!!!
    GlG, Martina


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