Oct 3, 2010


this post by wonderful and oh-so-inspiring Christina, The Sometimes Crafter, caught my interest yesterday and right now i am craving for something christmassy so i sewed my own version of her really beautiful (and quilted) tree skirt.

here´s a detail shot. the diagonal white parts are supposed to be presents - that´s why i appliqued those red stripes on them :-)

christmascloth detail

i worked with some linen, too, and though i really like the look it is kind of annoying to work with don´t you think? it frays like hell, cuts badly and creates lots of bulky seam-junctions. but it DOES look pretty in a project..

here´s the little sketch i made to get started:

christmascloth sketch
it took me quite some time to figure out all the measurements to make this fit for it´s purpose (the size of the stool), especially the diagonal parts were kind of hard to find out.

my version is a tablecloth and not a skirt because our tree usually is small and sits in a pot on a stool, so this cloth will hide the stool.
see it in action:

christmascloth in action

it is fully lined with an old white bedlinen i wanted to throw away for some weeks now - good thing i didn´t (some times it does pay off to procastinate! but not very often, i have to admit).

can´t wait to put this in use...


  1. What a great idea. It's always hard to know what to do to cover tables/stools up when you have pretty trees standing on top. It looks lovely.

  2. thanks CC :-)
    i just took a look at the prize you made for your giveaway and was blown away: great work on that shawl!!

  3. Oh Claudia, der ist ja supersüß! Ich würde auch gerne so einen machen, aber ich feier noch bei meinen Eltern :) und die haben immer echte Kerzen... Da wäre Stoff ganz schnell Wachstuch :)

  4. Hallo Claudia,

    was für ein schöner und inspirierender Blog :-).

    Ich habe übrigens auch eine Schwester in HH, die ich auf dem Blog- Weg auf dem Laufenden halte.....

    Der Christbaumdress ist eine tolle Idee und überhaupt nicht kitschig;

    Herzliche Grüße aus Ostwestfalen,


  5. Johanna - selbstgemachtes Wachstuch :-), das ist doch mal eine Idee!!
    Karin - danke dir und viele Grüße in die alte Heimat..

  6. You did such an awesome job! And you were so fast!!


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