Oct 9, 2010

great quilting helpers - 1/4 inch foot

just back from the Frankfurt Bookfair i don´t have anything sewn to show you so i thought i´ll start a little series of great devices which help me with my patching and quilting.

today part one: the quarter inch foot with a guiding wing.

what a great thing that it, it almost feels like cheating!
i guess there are different models all around, mine - for my Pfaff machine - has a little metal wing as a guidance on the right hand side which "gets" the line of the fabric exactly and makes it so much easier to sew an 1/4 inch seam.
i have a "normal" 1/4" foot as well, where you line up your fabric with the side of the foot but this flap/wing-thing on this pictured one really makes all the difference!

maybe you can see it a bit better here:

quarter inch foot

so if you like your seams to be exact: get one. for me this was money very well spent.

have a great weekend!!


  1. I sprung for one too, last month. Worth every penny. Finally acurate seams! Sharonj.

  2. Hallo Claudia,

    genau solch einen Fuß hab ich mir beim Nähma-Händler bestellt. Ich bin es leid, jedesmal die Nadelposition zu ändern, wobei ich mir nie genau merke, waren es nun 3 oder 3,5 nach rechts. Und solch eine Führung liebe ich ja schon bei dem Nähma-Fuß, wo die Führungsnase in der Mitte ist. Ich glaube, das wird eine sehr sinnvolle Anschaffung.

    Liebe Grüße Betty

  3. Sharonj, Betty - yes, it IS great, and, again, feels a bit like cheating :-) and improved my seams a ton!


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