Oct 15, 2010

great quilting helpers - rotary mat

my second pick of a great tool for quilters: the rotary mat.

i have the smallest size from clover which is just fine and works like a charm.
the concept is easy: cut one side of your fabric, and instead of picking it up now to reposition it for the next cut you just turn the green mat to the right position without moving the fabric and cut the next side.
extremely handy!

it works like a lazy susan (Drehtablett oder Drehbrett in german) but is flatter, the white piece you can see in the picture stays put, the green one is turnable.
however a cheap way to d.i.y. such a thing would be using a wooden lazy susan (i heard they have them at IK.EA), cutting out a piece of an old mat to fit it and glue it onto it. voila.

especially for cutting little pieces this tool really is a great asset, i highly recommend it in addition to your big cutting mat.

any views on this out there in blog land?? hope to hear from you!

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