Oct 17, 2010

last years christmas gifts

yesterday i worked on a simple tabletopper which is supposed to be a christmas gift. however, i did not like the outcome that much (too simple? and defenitely wrong binding!) so i decided to show you some gifts from last year which i actually like (while keep working on that poor topper and trying to safe it in some way).

the above is a flannel pillowcase. we love flannel in our family!
both the trees and the lovely gnomes are both Heather Ross designs.

flannel pillow front

i wanted a patchworky-look but not too much right in the middle of the pillow - because i think you´ll get some marks/lines on your face when sleeping on lots of seams. so "the action" is going on on the sides here.

btw: i bought all the flannels in the US - the selection you can get in Germany is very poor, at least it was last year. i am thankful for any tipps which prove me wrong!!

another gift i made (and gave) was this bathmat in red and white with a red terry cloth backing.


yes, i am a sucker for straight lines, i know...
i do prefer to cut and sew dots or any other fabric with a symmetrical design/repeat as straight as possible. looks better than the fuzzy cut i think.

do you have any gift ideas to share?? i am looking for smaller than quilt but bigger than too-simple-tabeltopper.. :-)

have a nice sunday!

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  1. Ich bette gerade mein Haupt auf den schönen Kissenbezug. :-)
    Der ist so kuschlig und schön!


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