Oct 30, 2010

NOW we´re talking circles..

on thursday i just got me a 4" quarter circle ruler at my LQS because i am so impressed with the drunkards path quilt Floh is making over at the Bee Germany. edit: and what i forgot to mention - Martina from Stufen zum Gericht showed me the way to the beauty of black and white when she recommended a block she saw online.

So i whipped these up pretty fast (oh well..) compared to the using-50-pins-per-quarter-block-method - but it still took me 2-3 hours for four quarter circle blocks i think.

the look is really all about value, the grey/black/white combo fits the block perfectly because it is exiting enough in itself and doesn´t need bright colors to look great.

i did take some pictures during the process of making the block and i am thinking of putting together a little tutorial for making these circles with a ruler including a seam allowance and without pinning. we´ll see..

this block has the perfect size for a pillowcase and i think that´ll be exactly what i am gonna do with it.

have a great weekend!!


  1. I never buy black and White fabric because I'm all about the colours, but this little project may just have changed my mind. It looks fabulous.

  2. Oh je, da habe ich ja was angerichtet. ;) Deine Farb Kompi sieht irre aus.

  3. That is beautiful!! I love the fabrics - where did you get them?!?! And tutorial? Yes, please!

  4. CC - same here, i just started to get me some black and white and grey..
    Floh - allerdings, das ist alles total deine Schuld!! :-)
    Jessie - the solid greys are Kona Cottons (ash, med grey and coal), the dots are japanese Kei Honeycomb prints and the words are brand new from our LQS at the Jüdisches Museum, i just got them this week. and they do have some Kona, too :-)

  5. Liebe Claudia,
    siehste, geht doch ;-)Ein Tutorial fände ich super, ach ja, das hätte ich fast vergessen, deine Circles sind wunderschön!!!
    GlG, Martina

  6. Mir hat der rot grüne Kreis auch sehr gut gefallen!!!!

  7. i would love to try all those curve piecing one day. Your Black & white circles are looking fantastic.


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