Oct 10, 2010

savvy seasons swap - done

today i finished my gifts for my secret partner for the savvy seasons swap.
i made an insulated pad to put a pan or pot on, a round fabric basket and a little quilted pouch.

at first it was very hard to come up with any idea at all because i totally had set my mind on christmas - i probably just couldn´t imagine that someone would NOT want any christmassy stuff. serves me right and made me think.
and so i came up with these.

to keep the fall theme clean and not too kindergarten-like i went for simple designs as circles and triangles plus strong colors like the Kona Cotton in coal and the different orange prints.

however, those three items won´t be used together so i chose different background solids - hopefully my partner will at least like one of the greys or the linen.

here are the backsides of the pad and the pouch:

savvy seasons swap - backsides

even more reduced, i like both designs very much.

so now there´s not much to do but to post these gifts tomorrow and hope that my partner will like them.

i had lots of fun making them and now i can´t wait for the (most certainly christmassy!!) item i will get :-)


  1. Hallo Claudia,

    also, ich würde mir ein Loch in den Bauch freuen, wenn ich deine Sachen bekäme ;-).....
    Die Farben sind total schön und das moderne Arrangement gefällt mir sowieso.
    Hast du Raw- edge appliziert?

    Einen schönen Wochenstart wünscht dir


  2. Liebe Karin, ich weiss gar nicht, ob das raw-edge ist: ist aufgebügelt und dann quergenäht, nicht umrandet. das wird nicht ewig halten, man sollte also höchstens vorsichtig waschen, sieht aber dafür gut aus :-)
    LG von mir an dich!!


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