Oct 23, 2010


..second try. blogger played havoc with my first post last night..
anyway: yes, you can call me a spendthrift, i won´t deny it.
the chairs and birds from the Tufted Tweet collection by Laurie Wisbrun were on sale though, i swear!!

these on sale? not so much.. but i had to get some Bliss from Bonnie & Camille - they are so pretty!!


and these Amy Butler Coriander prints from the Belle line - well, they were far from being on sale but they are almost gone now, hard to get. Sold out. Gone forever. Extinct.
And then what??
So you see: i had to get them..


but then i kind of saved a lot of money because this is from Ikea:

ikea numbers

i just love the design!
the quality is not too good though: the color of the numbers is dark grey/coal and not black, it is printed not that evenly and the white fabric itself is very thin.
but at 2,50 Euros per meter it´s perfectly fine and will make a good backing.

all this plus a horrible amount of postage for my several swaps to Canada and the US and the visit to the Stoffmarkt made ("made" - i am done now!!) October a really bad month money-spent-for-fabric-wise.

so i guess i´ll have to do better next month.. we´ll see.
have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Claudia,
    Ikea always has fabulous prints. Aside from fabric properties that can be seen and felt directly, do you have experiences with how Ikea fabrics hold up over time, in particular with regard to washing? As for light exposure, I've seen colors fade pretty soon in items like cushion covers used outdoors. But then, this might easily be the ultimate endurance test anyway ...

    Regards, Ursula

  2. On sale is a good thing!!
    who says you have to buy fabric at high prices only??
    i agree the ikea fabrics albeit nice designs, are rather poor quality as far as fabric quality goes.
    look forward to seeing what you do with this lot!

  3. Ursula, since i discovered the "good" american quilting fabrics i am really picky regarding Ikea or other cheap stuff which may be very pretty but not durable at all.
    veev, yes, lets see what happens after a few washes..


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