Oct 11, 2010

swapping fabrics - interested??

just a short post to let you know that i am ready for another round of swapping fabrics, you can find my items here.
blue bows kjr

i did get some beauties last time so i am going to try it again. if you´re new to swapping you might want to check out my last years post.
please visit my swap set at my flickr account to see if you woul like something.

BUT: because the listed fabrics are almost all little treasures themselves (i am willing to part with some of my precious Heather Ross stash) i do look for some very hard to get stuff like Flea Market Fancy or Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt, Kei Honeycombs or American Jane PEZ.
Of course you can try me with other designers but chances are limited then.. :-)

hr icecream pinocchio

Anyway, try it, swapping is fun!!


  1. Für mich bitte Heathers Goldfische, die Gnome, die Kaulquappen und Pinocchio. Ich ärgere mich immer wieder beim Anblick dieser Stoffe, daß es sie nicht mehr gibt.
    Großartige Schätze hast Du da!! - Nur werde ich mit meinen Stoffen wohl kaum Deinen Geschmack treffen...

  2. Hi Claudia! Do you have any of the HR Gold Fish left? i have some KJR and FMF pink posies. Or HR Sleeping beauty in pink.


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