Nov 6, 2010

christmas topper, 2nd try

ok, i am on a mission to use up my christmas fabric - a little dent in my stash was made by making this table topper.
it´s a star pattern i used for some hope valley fabric, too (still have to make a pillow out of that top..).

and i really think it is better than the most-boring-topper-ever i made before (won´t link to that again :-), but the crucial point is the contrast, which is better with the Kona Snow than with some beige/natural essex but it´s still not quite enough to make it "sing" as some people might put it :-)

table topper with backing

By the way: did you know that Kona Snow is a tone of white which looks a tiny bit dirty? I know that "dirty" won´t by any chance be the right expression for this but a) it does look a bit dirty and b) i don´t know the right term.
I am a total newbie to whites, the Snow and the Kona White are my first yardage, and i guess i thought that Snow would be the screaming white when it actually is the White white which screams. just letting you know..
and i am kind of liking this white-business. it does make the colors pop (surprise, surprise) but i am a bit worried what will happen when you wash these combos frequently.
well, i´ll find that out sooner or later.

now lets all go and sew something, see you soon!!


  1. I, too, think that Kona Snow looks a bit dirty...I prefer using the 'pfd bleach white' (Kona*) or the Bella Solid equivalent. It's not white as fresh snow but gives a crisp enough contrast. But sometimes the old plain white is just the right choice...
    Sadly you can't come to the café tomorrow - I could bring my color cards for you to show!

  2. p.s.: sorry, totally forgot to mention that I really like your new Christmas table topper!!!
    Liebe Grüße,


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