Nov 20, 2010

city girl apron

a wonderful pattern by Christina from The Sometimes Crafter. I always wanted to do some box pleats so i finally did and it wasn´t too hard. however, i altered the pattern right at the pleats: the pattern just asks for folding and sewing your solid fabric.
instead i used some of the colorful Heather Bailey Pop Garden fabric as lining. This did shine through the very small gap you (well,at least i) get at the upper part of the pleats, so i had to cheat there: i inserted an little strip of the Essex solid i used and now the colors are just visible in the lower part of the pleats.

city girl apron pleats

the ties of this apron are very long, they are intended to be binded at the front which looks very sweet. i also like the little towel loop which is inserted in the waistband-seam - it should be very handy.

upper city girl apron

the pattern was very easy to follow (well, i had to read some parts three times but then i am no native english speaker) and what i really like a lot, too, is that Christina explicitly allows sewers to sell items at on- or offline markets - this is very nice of her!
you can get the pattern at her etsy-shop. enjoy!


  1. This is so adorable! I love it! The first one of these I made I did some inset and lined the whole thing, too. I love that you take things that one step further - they always look wonderful. I'm so glad that even for a non-native speaker, that the directions were easy to follow. Makes me so happy to hear it!

  2. Die sieht ja toll aus!

  3. You've got my favorite fabric there. It was the first "gotta buy it now" fabric from when I started sewing. The apron is very impressive. One day I will attempt box pleats!

  4. Superschön und mit den kleinen Kellerfalten ganz raffiniert. Da macht das Kochen oder die Weihnachtsbäckerei nochmal soviel Spaß ;-)

  5. Love the pleats--very nice touch!


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