Nov 27, 2010

cookies and no sofa

do you know what this is? 
well, it´s a cookie in the shape of Cologne of course! i printed DANKE on it but you can´t see that, sorry.

i got this wonderful surprise from Martina from Stufen zum Gericht yesterday, and this nice package was just what i needed on a day like that:

my new couch was supposed to be delivered - and they tried, i have to admit that.
however, the couch was too big to fit either through our staircase or into the elevator - can you believe that?? it was just way too big, about 50 cm, the order got mixed up somehow and after waiting for it for 9 weeks and seeing it briefly standing in the downstair hallway, the transportation-guys had to take it back to the store. the only chance to get it into my top floor apartment would be via a movable outdoor lift and through a window in the hallway ... imagine my joy!
so today i went and talked to the shop owner about this and i think we will work something out which is a huge relief because i do not want a couch in my apartment which can only be taken in or out of the house via an outside lift.
we´ll see. 

So thanks so very, very much Martina, for seriously brighten up my day!! i will work hard on trying lots of the cookie recepies and the sewn card is sooo pretty - what a great idea, we talked about it and now i have my very own one!! plus the cookie cutter is such a nice addition to my other city-model:
look how crooked and wonky Berlin (the Brandenburger Tor) looks compared to the pretty Kölner Dom :-)

oh, an on the sewing: well, i didn´t this week so far.
instead i am knitting my first pair of mittens - right now i am working on the third try of the right hand mitten because the other two before where just too small for my big hands and/or the hole for the thumb was just ridiculous.
it´s all about the process, isn´t it.. 

have a nice weekend!!


  1. Wunderbar, was so eine Postsendung zur richtigen Zeit bewirken kann. Ich warte derzeit auf Stühle aus Italien, gehe aber davon aus, dass die Anlieferung ganz ohne Outdoor-Aufzug über die Bühne gehen wird...
    Und da du neben dem Brandenburger Tor jetzt auch in Sachen Köln über das korrekte Backmaterial verfügst, klappt das sicher auch mit den rechten und linken Stulpen, immer nur abwechselnd zur Beruhigung oder zum Mutanstricken Berlin bzw. Köln naschen ;-)
    Ein schönes AdventsWoE wünscht dir Martina

  2. mmmm Weihnachtsgebaeck!!

    Thanks for your comment on my binding dilemma, Claudia! I did actually think about machine sewing the whole thing on, but I haven't ever tried it and didn't want to try it on something that's to give away! But I will give it a go on the next thing I make.

    Viel spass beim backfest!!
    Danielle x


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