Nov 28, 2010

kidlet, the hanging tote-basket-thingy (for kids)

for quite some time i wanted to try the kidlet-tutorial by JCasa handmade and today was the day, because i miscut some pieces for my spiderweb blocks: i cut back some solids to 12,5" instead of 12,75" - oh well, these things happen..
for the kidlet i needed 4 pieces á 11" square, so this was a nice way to turn the mishap into something useful and pretty. 

kidlets are little totes for children, to hang on a doorknob or a hook and help the kids to collect their stuff, showing them how nice it can be to tidy up a room. 
such a great idea! of course i always wanted one for myself :-)

however, i will use mine as a kind of hanging wastebasket (i certainly won´t put anything disgusting in it though, just old paper bits and the like). ok, and the occasional chocolate bar wrapper. but then the kidlet is washable, isn´t it..

because the opening of the kidlet was a bit too wide for my taste i inserted a snap button to close it when not in use.
and next time i would make the hanging strap shorter and wider. 

that said, the kidlet has a perfect size and the tutorial is very well written. 
and if you make one for your kid you´ll want to chose some brighter fabrics and fancy patchwork for the little pocket in the front. with the tutorial you´ll find lots of very pretty design ideas.

so thanks to Jennifer for sharing such a precious idea!!

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