Nov 14, 2010

sea quilt - blocks with borders

today i put borders on the blocks of my Euro Bee blocks. i almost run out of the blue Kona solid, so i had to piece some of the border strips quite heavily - looks a bit funny (embarrassing..), but i plan to disguise that with a lot of quilting. hope that´ll work.

these blocks actually came back to me in three sizes :-)
i reduced the original block sizing from the tutorial we used a bit and not everybody saw/got that, so that is totally my fault and a good learning for my next bee block: keep to the size of the tut you use, everything else will at least irritate at least one person.
where that third size came from is a mystery to me though.. :-) but it´s a wonderfully sewn block.

however, because i was planning on putting borders on the blocks anyway these different sizes are not really an issue: you can hardly see it i think.

today i also finished the november block for sewperstitious for the Bee Germany:

block für Lina, bee germany nov 2010

she´d sent out fabric in blue, green and custard and left the design decision of the block totally open.

i went for a brick design i saw in some preview pictures of Malka from Stich in dyes new book, simplified it a bit and started to do my quilters math.
well, this did not went too well, i do have serious problems with sizing in cm when i always use a quarter inch seam allowance. so the block is not really correct, but at least the size is right.
hope Lina will like it anyway..

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