Dec 8, 2010

market bag

right now i am knitting away frantically on christmas present socks for my father so there´s not too much time for sewing.

however i finished this Jane Market Bag, pattern from Posie gets Cosy, as a gift for a very nice colleague, who is a very sophisticated lady.
so i hope the choice of Joel Dewberrys Deer Valley fabric line will be appropriate for her.
i especially like the actual deer print very much but never knew what to do with it. now it made a very nice back:

deer bag back

hope she likes it.

and now back to the socks.. it is amazing how much you can accomplish by knitting an hour each morning, i may even finish them in time.

have a nice day!!


  1. Such striking fabric! I'm sure your colleague will love it.

  2. Sehr schöne Tasche! Das Kidlet Teil hat mir auch schon sehr gut gefallen!!!

  3. Dieser Stoff mit den Vögeln hat es auch mir angetan, seitdem ich ihn in meinem PW-Laden vor Ort entdeckt habe. Er macht sich super als Markttasche! Ich glaub',ich muss mich damit zu Weihnachten beschenken ;-) Viel Spaß beim Socken stricken!
    Herzlichst, Martina


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