Dec 3, 2010

new fabrics..

remember when i wrote in october that i had to cut my spending on fabrics for the rest of the year?
yeah, well, that did not work too well.

above are two beautiful, rare Tula Pink prints from the Full Moon Forest line - love these in both colorways. they just arrived today, all the way from Florida.

and then there is this precious gem i got some days ago:

green seeds

i know, this is pure bragging.. i got a whole yard from a seller in France who didn´t know what she was selling..

and here´s another piece i got in France: some Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabric. my very first one, and i love how delicate and soft it is. and the pattern totally reminds me of a fairytale :-)

liberty scarf

Buying in France was quite exciting because i don´t speak french. Except merci and bien of course. and "au contraire!" - love that phrase:-)
so i had a fun time figuring out what the automatic response mails said until the two very friendly shop owners wrote to me in english.

i found that french fabric shops mostly carry exactly the kind of fabric you think they would: lots of florals, then stripes and then some dots, in reds and blues, combined with naturals and lots of linen. just like the French General. very pretty!

to tell you the dirty truth: this is not even half of my new stash additions in november.. but now i have to go and actually USE some of my fabric.
Have a great weekend - and keep yourself warm!!

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  1. I actually bought some fabric today and have already used it. I'm so proud to have bought with a purpose in mind for once. Admittedly it was only cheap fleece for a Childs toy but even so I think it's progress.

    Love your fabrics. Much prettier than my fleece ;-)


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