Jan 16, 2011

granola plus tin

today i baked some rhye-sourdough bread in my Römertopf which turned out lovely and while the oven was still warm i made some fresh granola for those mornings when i have no bread or Bran Muffins.

I like my granola with lots of coconut, almonds and walnuts, plus of course wholegrain oatmeal. no dried fruits or hazelnuts for me, no.

after roasting the mixture you just have to blend in very little salt, cinnamon and of course honey. then it´ll bake another 20 minutes and after cooling it can go straight into a jar.

Or into a tin: i collected this big cookie-tin from work (Random House gave us some of those with lovely cookies for christmas) because i could see that it would be rather easy to get rid of the red paper around and on top of it.

i stripped the paper off with the help of warm water, cleaned it as good as i could (did not get all the marks of the scotch tape on the lid though) and cut out a little piece of self-adhesive "blackboard foil" (can´t remember the right word for Tafelfolie).

with a chalk pencil or actual chalk i now can write down what ever is in that tin - very easy and nice looking storage.

i did not sew today (yet) but i picked out some fabrics for my spicing up the kitchen swap:

kitchen swap - aqua love

my secret partner said she likes aqua very much, so i pulled some goodies from my stash. these plus some splashes of reds should do the trick - i hope.

have a nice sunday!

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