Jan 30, 2011

new cushions

today i finally sewed new cushions for my dark grey (not black :-) couch:

i scored a piece of Orla Kiely leafy fabric some month ago which i intended to use exactly for this purpose.
i like her designs very much, they are modern yet kind of oldfashioned and her bold, graphic design really speaks to me.

because i did not have enough of it for two pillow covers i had to choose something else for the backing and i picked Kona Cotton in ash for that. i am already a bit nervous about the whiteness of the front with two cats around so i think a light grey will be at least a bit more functional.

so here is the sofa now


i really prefer black, grey and white as the main colors in my livingroom because of all those books and CDs which are so very colorful.

so after quite some time with these cushion-covers

kidston cushion set

i am ready for a bit less color and some more white!
enjoy the rest of your sunday!!


  1. Liebe Claudia,
    deine Kissen sehen klasse aus, dein Sofa wirkt dadurch noch edler als es ohnehin schon ausschaut und etwas Ruhigeres macht sich sicher gut vor einer kunterbunten Bücherwand ;-) Deine "alten" Kissen gefallen mir jedoch ebenfalls ausnehmend gut,kann ja nicht verkehrt sein, ab und an mal zu wechseln! Ich habe den Sonntag bei einer Familienfeier verbracht und werde den Rest wahrscheinlich lesend beenden. GlG, Martina


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