Jan 23, 2011

square dance quilt - mitered corners

yes, this post is really about mitered corners and not about food.

i chose the muffin (marzipan and chocolate by the way, very yummy) because my other pictures are not as pretty although they deal with the real topic of this post:
mitered corners - actually i don´t have the slightest idea what this term is in german.. in woodwork it does mean something like "auf Gehrung" but related to sewing?

anyway, it means a technique to sew on borders on a quilt, like this:
(first not so nice picture ahead)

mitered corner

this is the result of me using this excellent tutorial to do mitered corners. it was my first time and i was quite exicited about it: i love the look of those borders but they do take a bit more time than the alternative way.

the first one did not turn out very good, but after trying it again it worked out just fine.
it is cruical though to manage the direction of the seam allowances you already have when pinning and sewing the corner. i found it best to have them all showing in one direction (which is ironically the other direction you before ironed them to).
another not-so-brilliant picture to illustrate this

mitered corner

the interesting point is where the blue pin sits: you can see that the seam allowance under it faces the other side but i changed that for the upper part of this seam.
just for sewing, afterwards the original side of the seam allowance is just perfectly fine. and you do sew only just to the beginning of this s.a. anyway, not over it, so flipping it back is no problem at all.

if that all sounds too crazy just keep in mind when sewing mitered corners:
straighten and smoothen out all the your seam allowances before sewing, otherwise it can get messy.

after this i ironed the top and then ironed it again (!), this time using some spray-starch to give the fabic a little more body and stiffness because i am a bit afraid that my pretty borders will tend to produce puckers while quilting.
but more on this maybe in another post, now i´ll go an pull some fabrics for the backing.

have a great sunday!!


  1. Liebe Claudia,
    ja, diese "gewinkelten" Ecken sehen total klasse aus, aber auch ich lasse im Zweifel eher die Finger davon ;-) Werde deinen Link dazu mal genauer studieren müssen. Mit dem Square Dance machst du's aber wirklich spannend, der müsste doch, wo die Ecken schon so super sitzen, bald fertig sein!?
    GlG, Martina

  2. Liebe Martina, jetzt haben wir uns genau überschnitten: ich war grad bei dir zu Besuch und du hier :-)
    Lustig.. Ja, das Top ist fertig, jetzt hadere ich mit dem backing.. hoffe, dass ich am Wochenende mit dem quilten anfangen kann.

  3. Liebe Claudia,
    wow, was für eine Gedankenübertragung!!! Habe direkt mal nachgeschaut, wie diese Wunderecken heißen. Linda Seward bezeichnet sie in ihrem vom mir so heiß geliebten Klassiker "Das große Buch von PW Quilt und Applikation" ganz unspektakulär als "Diagonale Ecke" und sie sollte es ja eigentlich wissen ;-)
    Viel Spaß beim Backing und Quilting,
    glG, Martina

  4. Mhhhhhhhhhh, Marzipan und Schokolade-Muffins???? Das hört sich superlecker an!
    Liebe Grüsse vom anderen Ende der Welt


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