Jun 24, 2012

kokka pillows galore


pillow button

i made pillows.
for my sewing room, basically for the cats to sit and sleep on when they join me sewing.
And this was a totally necessary task as poor little Lila already had to nap on bare Kokka fabric, without any cushion at all!
Poor thing..



Ich habe Kissenhüllen genäht.
Für mein Nähzimmer, hauptsächlich für die Katzen, damit sie schön gemütlich dabei sein können, wenn ich nähe und sie mir Gesellschaft leisten.
Und die ganze Angelegenheit war absoulut notwendig, da die arme Lila schon auf quasi nacktem, lediglich Kokka-bedeckten Boden schlummern musste. Ohne Polsterung irgendeiner Art!
Das arme Ding..

cat on kokka


Have a great Sunday / schönen Sonntag Euch!!


  1. Please don't let your cats tell my cats - they will want some too. Every time I get up off my chair to iron or cut, a cat sits on it!

  2. Cats know when you love something, they always sit on it. It's probably a good thing you made these fabrics into cat cushions, they would have claimed them even if you'd made them into curtains!

  3. You did a necesary thing every cat owner should do ;) Keep your cat in comfort (she looks so sweet napping on your fabric; one of my cats likes to lie too close to my sewing machine and tries to play with the needle when I sew, so I keep him away from my sewing room just to keep him safe).

  4. Dianne, i won´t say a word. But they might find out anyway, cats are clever like that..
    Stiched together, yes, i think so, too :-)
    Joanna, yes, i was necessary!! My other one does the "playing with the needle" thing, too, so scary
    Helen, thank you very much!!

  5. My cat will be complaining now of the unfair treatment!

  6. Your cushions are lovely and the cats will enjoy them too! My cat loves to sit in my chair whenever I get up to press or cut fabric! This is a good way to lure her out of my chair! Di x

  7. thanks Nicky, yes, be prepared for that :-)
    thanks to you, too, Di! That´s the plan, but i am not sure if they will leave the chairs fot the pillows.. we´ll see..

  8. So cozy! I'm jealous of your cats for having such fabulous pillows to lay on! :)


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