Oct 24, 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival: The StarPlus Quilt

Hi there,

thanks so much for visiting my blog again if you are a regular reader (and sorry for the StarPlus Quilt overload..) and welcome if you are new and come from Amys wonderful Bloggers Quilt Festival!

This year I am entering my StarPlus Quilt in the Original Design Category.

I designed the StarPlus Quilt last fall, starting with just one size of the classic Home and Hearth Block but soon got a bit bored to sew the same block over and over. So I added some medium sized blocks and really liked the outcome. However, just when I added one super-big block to the mix the top suddenly looked fabulous to me!

Although it is so simple, the design is pretty versatile: I like both of my StarPlus Quilts, the rather soft red and tan version, looking almost Christmas-sy, and the colorful, fresh one with white background fabric. It was very easy to sew (after a few blocks one really gets the hang of it :-) and it is a nice snuggle-friendly size of 60" x 80".

Writing a "real" pattern for a quilt was quite an adventure for me: I usually make up my own quilt patterns but never attempted to write one in such a way that other people could actually be able to easily follow it (just imagine the backside of a paper, scribbled on with pencil, trying different block designs and figuring out the quilt-math.. Yep, this is how the magic usually happens :-)

That was when some of my online friends, especially from Instagram, helped me so generously: they tested the pattern and gave me all kinds of valuable feedback for which I am really thankful. I love this community!

And speaking of loving the online community: I am sending out a big Thank you to Amy of amyscreativeside for hosting this great event!! There is so much to discover, please make sure to visit as many sites as possible.
And if you like my StarPlus Quilt I would be very happy if you would vote for it when "the polls open" from 1st to 7th November :-) Thanks!!

Have fun at the quilt show :-)


  1. There is nothing more boring to me than sewing the same block over and over and over. You fixed that problem with aplomb in this quilt. Love it!

  2. I think this is stunning. The colour, different sizes of stars, everything! Well done

  3. I don't know who else is on the contest but you have my vote.

  4. Wonderful design, I love the multi-sized blocks

  5. This is a beautiful quilt, I love the colours you used :))

  6. This is a great design Claudia and I especially love the differences in scale - that's what really makes it special!

  7. LOVE! How can I get the pattern?

    1. Hi Leigh, thanks so much for your comment! You can get the pattern via right here:


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