Nov 9, 2014

Knitting pattern pompom hat / Strickmuster Pudelmütze

Winter is coming..

Ha, but it´s true, we got the first snow of the year here in Munich this week. Anyway, last time I was in Berlin I spotted some very awesome PomPom hats in a shop an decided to try to make one myself. Thanks to the internet I found several patterns but none that really was what I was looking for.

So I made up my own recipe and thought I share it here with you all because a) it turned out really nice and b) it is really easy. Two very good points in my book.

Please notice that I have a hard time reading knitting patterns - so my "pattern" is more like a recipe and probaly lacks the right terminology. However, I hope you do understand what I mean - if not you are very welcome to ask or to offer all of us better/clearer expressions :-)


Materials you need


- color I for hat-body: ca. 125gr (ca. 200 meter) for 4,5-5,5 size needles. I used a bright green
- color II for edge and pompom: ca. 30 gr. depending on the size. Mine is a rather big one..

I used Lana Grossa pure wool "Bingo" which comes in the most amazing colors: 3 balls for the hat and 1 ball for the pompom.


Set of double pointed knitting needles 4 - 5,5 mm european size, or 6, 7, 8 or 9 american size


cardboard, compass, darning or other big needle and scissors

The "Pattern"

  • Cast on 128 stiches in color II on 4 needles (= 32 on each needle) and then stich 1 round 2 knit / 2 purl (Maschenaufnehmen in Farbe II, dann 1 Runde Muster: 2 re / 2 lks)
  • Change to color I and continue with the pattern 2 knit / 2 purl until the hat is about 25 cm long (Nach einer Runde zur Farbe I wechseln und ca. 25cm hoch stricken)
  • Start to decrease by knitting together all purled stiches k2tog (Nun alle linken Maschen rechts zusammenstricken)
  • For the next 3 rounds knit the stiches as they appear: 2 knit/ 1 purl (Die nächsten 3 Runden Maschen stricken, wie sie kommen: 2 re / 1 lks)
  • Then knit together all knitted stiches by pass slipped stich over, psso (Nun alle rechten Maschen rechts überzogen zusammenstricken)
  • Again, knit the stiches for 3 rounds as they appear: 1 knit / 1 purl (Wieder für 3 Runden stricken, wie die Maschen kommen: 1 re / 1 lks)
  • Next round knit together every two stiches by pass slipped stich over, psso (Nun immer zwei Maschen rechts überzogen zusammenstricken)
  • Following round: knit all stiches (Nächste Runde: alle Maschen rechts stricken)
  • Repeat the last two rounds until you only got 8 stiches left, sew them together with a darning needle and your are done (Die letzten beiden Reihen wiederholen, bis nur noch 8 Maschen vorhanden sind, dann mit Stopfnadel zuziehen und vernähen - fertig!)

Making the Pompom

This is the method I actually learned in Kindergarten - it does work, it is cheap and easy.
Decide on how big your pompom is going to be, draw a circle of that size on your cardboard. Inside this
circle draw another circle with about 1cm diameter. Cut out this template twice and then cut out the inner circles of the discs. Put both rings together and start winding your yarn (color II) firmly around the ring until the hole in the middle is not visible anymore. Use small and sharp scissors and cut the yarn open, finding your way between the two cardboard discs. Then put a longish string right in between the discs and knot it tightly togther. Done, you have got your pompom!

Using the longish string sew it onto the hat and you have a wonderful Pudelmütze = pompom hat!!

Now lets wait for lots of snow..


  1. Total schön, liebe Claudia, Du strickst so gleichmäßig! Ich stricke mir auch gerade eine Mütze, aber in anderem Muster. Egal, die hier will ich auch probieren und wo man "Bingo" bekommt, weiß ich eh! Liebe Grüße

  2. "Pudelmütze" i love that word..... i must make use of it a lot this winter....
    nice hats!!

    Claudia, i'd like to ask you a couple of München questions... could you email me,
    eva aus Kanada

  3. dLiebe Claudia, deine Mütze gefällt mir richtig gut. Bommelmützen sind toll für den Winter, oder den frostigen Frühling. Du strickst so schön gleichmäßig, bei mir wird der Wechsel von linken Maschen auf rechte Maschen immer etwas "unruhig". Hast du vielleicht einen Tipp?


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